Time Out

I’m still here! However, I haven’t been making art for a good month or two. The exception was a paint-out one Sunday in Metchosin which had been booked a while ago. I made it through that day but it was a real challenge. You see, I’ve been very sick for a while and it came to a head recently. I do now have a diagnosis, preliminary medication and an appointment with a specialist, along with a few nasty tests. I was kicking myself about not having the energy or interest to get back into the studio until I took a look at the very long symptom list and right there in the middle was “lack of focus”. So I have an excuse!

But now that I’m feeling a bit better or at least more stable, I am eyeing the Thanksgiving Weekend Monday to dip my toes back into the studio. Softly and quietly, I think.

I once didn’t create art for 7 years, so this is just a teeny blip in time.


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