Exhibition Season

It’s back; that time of the year when the painting slows down and the organizing, framing and submitting begins. This year we are confirmed for 2 shows and up in the air (to date) for two others.

We’ve been accepted into our first time in the Gorge on Art event on July 1, 2016. Funnily enough, we used to live around the corner from that event and now that we live across the city, we’ve decided to join in. This will be a great event with maybe a different audience (?) than the 29th Annual TD Art Gallery Paint-In (The Moss Street Paint-in) and a great dry-run of our set-up for that event, which is the second confirmed one.

The next two unconfirmed events are the Sooke Fine Arts Show and the Sidney Fine Art Show. The jury is out until mid-June on Sooke, to which we both submitted what we feel is some of our finest work right now so cross your fingers that the jury agrees! It’s going to be a busy summer already and unfortunately Sidney hasn’t taken their submission process online yet. That means many trips out and back to Sidney. We’ll see if it feels right to submit. In a bit.

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